Your Soul to Be

Got on my knees, took the blame
admit my faults, forsook the pain
that caused the bitter words that claim
defame upon my name behind my back
to shame, when I did nothing but proclaim
my love, and yet the poisoned lies they spew
like darts they cut and ripped me through
and still the words they judge untrue
for what, because I love them too?

God, let them judge me every whit
in secret on my visage spit
in hatred, quick with grime and grit
like shameless, proud, and hypocrite
but on that judgement day, remit
their path that leads them to the pit
the chain about their neck, unfit
the milstone’s weight — untie and split
open their eyes; their sin, omit

Deface the lies they did amass
erase their debt and hatred past
from death and darkness, let them pass
to truth that’s crystal clear, like glass
to wit, that I did nothing but proclaim
my love, in which was never shame
but strength, and power, like a flame
that burned within my soul, became
the underdog that overcame
the hate, the lies, the wicked game
that churned and burned and then returned
to Satan’s pit for good, adjourned

With open eyes, now take a look
which names are writ within the Book
of Life and hope to God that He
who gave his life upon that tree
would see you through, and finally
that He would guarantee
your eyes to see, your soul to be

Author: Sunny Lal

Human Rights Activist Advocate of Truth Anarchist of the Earth