The universe works in cycles.

All particles, from quantum (sub-atomic) to cosmic (astronomical) , vibrate due to their polar quality of positive and negative, north and south, light and dark, etc.  The darkness cannot exist without the light, nor light without darkness — otherwise, there is nothing to compare each component to. Both must exist, in order for each part of the whole to exist.

This is called duality.

In a singularity, nothing can exist; both space and time converge to zero.

In duality, as soon as you have 2 components, there is a balancing act that begins — and never ends. As the 2 components attempt to merge back together, we begin a cyclical pattern, called vibration.

In the balancing act of vibration, each component must follow the other repeatedly and indefinitely.

The darkness is no surprise, nor a concern for worry. Whether it’s ignorance, hate, arrogance, negativity, confusion, etc.. or the build-up of the collective consciousness of society’s evils. Because the universe dictates that light will inevitably follow, and that the darkness was necessary.

As all things in the universe, the earth will renew itself. Of that, there is absolutely no doubt. It always has.

What side you choose is up to you. Choose the good, choose humility, choose light, choose beauty, and without fail, the universe will invariably back you up.