Aliens: Are They Real?

There are no extra terrestrials

The Case For “Aliens”

The precision of the casing stones at the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
The precision of the casing stones at the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

We have found giant, scientifically advanced structures around the earth, built at some time in our past.

We immediately assume “they must have been built by extra-terrestrials from outer space”, because humans could not have logically built them.

Countless thousands of articles and videos point out the “facts” about these ancient monuments and why humans could not have built them.

For some unknown reason, they conclude that they were built by beings from other planets.
For some unknown reason, they conclude that they were built by beings from other planets.

Then, for some unknown reason, they conclude that they were built by extra-terrestrials.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Advanced structures found around the earth
  2. Humans could not have built these structures
  3. The structures are ancient
  4. We see UFOs in earth’s atmosphere daily
  5. Conclusion: They were built by beings from other planets.  WTF?

This is without any evidence that says these beings came from anywhere other than Earth’s past.

Science Fiction

Ancient monuments such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Puma Punku³, other epic monoliths at Easter Island, Machu Picchu, and Stonehenge were created by intelligent beings.  We’ve concluded these beings to be “aliens.”

Science fiction stories and movies depict aliens from other planets, but that’s where it ends — fiction. There is nothing to indicate these ancient architects were of extra-terrestrial origin, and assuming as such is complete nonsense (read on):

Puma Punku, Bolivia
Puma Punku, Bolivia

We know that these megalithic buildings are structurally, mathematically and scientifically advanced in ways yet undiscovered by humans, complete with astrological, geometric and mathematical precision beyond our comprehension. ¹

The science behind the build quality of these structures is only recently being discovered by humans, and so far we have only grazed the surface (energy, frequency, vibration).


First logical conclusion: They were smarter than we.


We know dinosaurs were a pre-human life form, that were wiped out in one of earth’s catastrophic changeovers.  The earth is known to renew itself every 26000 years, known as the galactic alignment period. In the same way, in one of those periods, other life forms existed, including intelligent civilization.


Second logical conclusion: They were ancient, pre-historic beings.


"They came in a wormhole."
“They came in a wormhole.”

Assuming that these structures were “built by aliens” is absolutely ludicrous for this reason:  Even if such aliens did exist, the simple act of travel to our planet would not be possible — for they would have to travel hundreds of thousands of light years to get here.

We want to believe it so bad, that we create more science fiction: “They came in a wormhole” and so forth.

The Alien Misconception

Take a look at every single piece of “UFO evidence” or “alien evidence” and you will find the same assumption: “they’re from another planet” — even when there is NO SHRED OF EVIDENCE to even remotely suggest that they originated from any planet other than earth.

The UFOs we see appear in Earth's atmosphere and on planet Earth.
The UFOs we see appear in Earth’s atmosphere and on planet Earth.

Every single piece of evidence, from UFOs to ancient structures point to Earth.

Nothing indicates that they came from anywhere else. The UFOs we see appear in earth’s atmosphere and on planet Earth — not Mars, not Jupiter, not Alpha Centuri, nor some galaxy millions of light years away.


Why on Earth would we conclude they originated from anywhere else?


Real Science

We forget about Relativity. Time and space are relative.

People who back "science" need to know the difference between science and science-fiction.
People who back “science” need to know the difference between science and science-fiction.

We ignore the little scientific fact known as time dilation, which basically means there is a difference in time between the observers of 2 events either:

  1. Moving relative to each other, or
  2. Situated on different gravitational masses.

Simply put, time slows down when either velocity or gravity increases.  This isn’t my opinion — it is a known scientific fact.  The faster you travel (close to the speed of light) the slower your time. ET’s would never reach earth in any feasible way, or reasonable period of time to make any sense! 


It is a scientific impossibility.


For those of you “advocates of science”, I recommend that you learn about Relativity and space-time, rather than believe what you see in the movies.  Know the difference between science, and science-fiction.

Relativity, Space, and Time

What most humans forget is that our reality — the universe, is made up of 3 dimensions of space, and the 4th dimension of time.  Space and Time are proportional.  To get an idea of the vastness of space and time, look at this illustration:

The Universe - Timeline since the Big Bang.
The Universe – Timeline since the Big Bang.

It has been 13.7 billion years since the universe began, and earth is located at a pinpoint in space and time.  We are assuming that ancient monoliths on Earth were built by alien beings from some other point in space-time — which could be 3 million light years away, or 4 billion years away in either direction.

How feasible does it sound now?  Let’s narrow the gap a little (okay… a lot), and assume the aliens came from the star system closest to ours:

Alpha Centauri's proximity to our Sun
Alpha Centauri’s proximity to our Sun

And even if there were aliens on the closest solar system to ours, Alpha Centauri (which is between 4 and 6 light years away) it is still a scientific  impossibility.

Here’s a weird thought — what if they were even closer than Alpha Centauri?


What if… they were from Earth?


Advanced Civilization

Here’s the more logical explanation.  What if these “aliens” are native earthlings, that existed long before we did? We would be the aliens — and not they.

We have found more than 10 million square miles of civilizations buried under sea. We have found advanced ancient technology and artifacts buried deep under the Antarctic land masses. Some speculate that these advanced civilizations existed on parts of the earth prior to a pole shift, and were subsequently covered up in locations that were at one point on earth’s equator.

This civilization was advanced, and highly intelligent. Consider the one-hundred ton stones cut with laser precision used to build the pyramids, which we have discovered around the world and under the oceans with the help of Google Earth and GPS technology.

100+ ton stones used in thy pyramids
100+ ton stones used in thy pyramids

Even today, humans don’t have the ability, much less technology to move, lift, cut or position stones of such magnitude and weight, much less build structures to withstand the crushing weight the stones must withstand at the bottom of these pyramids.

There are many articles on the internet which speak of “how the pyramids were built.”  Many experts conclude that they were nothing special.

I watched a documentary recently where the weight and pressure in the middle of the pyramid was calculated, and it was found that the stones in these areas had to withstand astronomical amounts of pressure to prevent being crushed.  It was concluded that humans just do not have the technology or capacity to event attempt to build such a structure.  If it were possible, we would have done so by now — even a smaller scale version of one.


I don’t see one… do you?


Anti-Gravity and Phase-Shifting

Phase shifting technology allows matter to shift in phase, which makes it no longer subject to the force of gravity.  A phase-shifted object would no longer be subject to the gravitational pull of the earth (or any other mass in “our” phase). The object in such a state is not only exempt from gravity, but from time as well.

By shifting the phase of matter, we are bending space-time.

Consider this scenario for a moment:

Sometime in our distant past, highly intelligent pre-human earthlings are using phase-shift technology to cut, move and transport two-hundred ton stones to build a pyramid. Say they are moving 3, 4, or even 6 stones at a time, effortlessly using a vehicle powered by a nuclear generator that shifts the phase of these stones.

The stones would emit radiation. They would appear to glow. They would emit a typical pattern of rings or colours. Since the objects are moving without gravity, they are transcending space.

We are looking back in time.
We are looking back in time.

Now consider that space and time are proportional. Also consider time dilation and relativity: If such forces were being applied to these objects causing them to escape gravity (the more the gravity, the slower the time), then logically, the objects would (for the moment), transcend time.

Less gravity = faster time.


We are looking back in time, my friends.


How many people report seeing a light formation — of 6 or 8 lights in the sky in recent times? We’ve seen the hundreds of corresponding videos. Could this possibly be us looking back in time, or rather — seeing a pyramid as it’s being assembled?

Why do we see this in the sky, and not on the ground? The earth is rotating. And also revolving around the Sun. Not to mention, it’s been theorized from the findings of structures under the south and north poles, that the earth has undergone pole shifts in it’s past.

UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation in Western Massachusetts

Could we be seeing events that took place in another location on the earth? I could speculate, for example, that the “Alien light formation” in January 2015 in Massachusetts, recorded by several cell phone videos  is a pyramid construction in progress, and could very well be at a time when Massachusetts’ relative location happened to be where this particular pyramid was being built.

To clarify, if we speculate that this was the great pyramid of Giza being built, for example, then at the time of it’s construction, Giza happened to be located where Massachusetts was located in January of 2015, taking into account the earth’s rotation and prior pole shifts that have taken place in our past.

We’ve recently begun to understand that these monolithic structures date further back than a mere 4000 or even 12000 years — they are far, far older than we once thought.

How Feasible is Phase-Shifting in the First Place?

The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was claimed to have been rendered invisible (or "cloaked") to enemy devices.
The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was claimed to have been rendered invisible (or “cloaked”) to enemy devices.

Think “Philadelphia experiment” of 1943 by the US govt and US Navy with Albert Einstein. A US navy ship was experimented on with high levels of EM radiation.  The desired effect was to cloak the ship in order to render it invisible.

The experiment went awry, causing the ship to disappear and reappear at several other locations, and several test subjects either lost lives or went insane as they rematerialized within solid structures of the ship.

Anti-Gravity à la Nikola Tesla

If you still find that a bit far-fetched, how about confirmation from one of our own scientific geniuses, Nikola Tesla.  Not only is he responsible for the almost all of the technological advancements we enjoy today, many of his discoveries were covered up.

Nikola Tesla’s Antigravity UFO

Some of Tesla’s inventions we take for granted:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • AC electricity
  • The Tesla Coil
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Neon lights
  • Radio controlled devices
  • Robotics
  • X-rays
  • Radar
  • Microwave
  • Cell phone technology

That’s right — you are using Tesla’s inventions right now, just to read this very article.

The Lost Tesla Papers: Tesla's Field Propulsion System
The Lost Tesla Papers: Tesla’s Field Propulsion System

But Tesla didn’t stop there, he was into the secrets of flight and anti-gravity which led him to register a patent in 1928.  Patent number 1,655,144.  It was for an anti-gravity aircraft without conventional propulsion.

Before his death, he had developed the blueprints for the propulsion system. He called it “Space Drive”, or the anti-electromagnetic field propulsion system.

Fire in the Sky

Time and space are not only relative, they are proportional one to another.  In a phase shift condition, the object, theoretically speaking, if not affected by gravity; it is also exempt from linear time.  It is effectively no longer bound by our space/time environment.

This would explain not only the movement and placement of gigantic objects, but also the ability to travel without the need for conventional propulsion.

"The UFO zipped away at lightning speed" when in fact, speed had nothing to do with it.
“The UFO zipped away at lightning speed” when in fact, speed had nothing to do with it.

A vehicle using such propulsion would travel in both space, and time.

They would also emit high levels of radiation, some of it being in the field of 350 nm – 750 nm — otherwise known as light.  From our perspective, such vessels would appear to “glow” in multiple colours.

They would also appear to move and accelerate at incredible speeds, because we perceive the object from our perspective of linear time: “the UFO zipped away at lightning speed” — when in fact speed had nothing to do with it.

The Intelligent Beings

What if these beings were no more than 3 feet tall. Would that not explain why the tunnels and doorways in the Great Pyramid in Giza are no more than 3 feet high? Why would ancient “humans” make such a structure, for us to have to crawl through the tunnels on our knees?

A tunnel in the Great Pyramid
A tunnel in the Great Pyramid

And why do we still see them around? Why does the US government and NASA cover up the “lights” we see all around the earth, the moon, and the sun?

Because even scientists have resorted to believing they these are extra-terrestrials.

They are not aliens from another planet, or evil extraterrestrials with a master plan to destroy us and take our gold.

They’ve placed their markers strategically all over the planet. They’ve already left the evidence behind as a testament.

We were just too proud to think anyone else was smarter than we.

The “Proof” of Aliens:

These so called “alien space craft” have been detected in our night skies for thousands of years, on a daily basis.

3,650,000+ alien spacecraft are just "visiting" earth for no apparent reason
3,650,000+ alien spacecraft are just “visiting” earth for no apparent reason

Let’s do the math:

Every night, there are supposedly several visitations. For the benefit of the doubt, let’s say 5 visitations around the earth, every day, every year, for the last 2000 years.  This is essentially what the Ufo-ologists are saying.

Let’s add them up:

This means 3,650,000+ alien spacecraft are just “visiting” earth for no apparent reason, who have all somehow defied science and logic, and were able to travel faster than the speed of light to arrive at Earth, in a timely manner, over and over again, for no reason other than for us to see them.


Here’s the kicker:

These aliens arrived in vessels so far advanced, that they came to Earth and built structures out of rock, then left… only to arrive thousands of years later — and this time instead of building more structures, they do… nothing.

Let’s start handing out Nobel Prizes to these people, shall we?

UFOs Explained

These glowing lights are a result of radiation, emitted from objects or vehicles powered by anti-gravity propulsion, causing a phase-shift condition which gives the vessels anti-gravity abilities, which are not bound by space (gravity) or time.

UFO Sighting in Manchester, UK
UFO Sighting in Manchester, UK

These are the vehicles of pre-human civilizations who existed several thousands of years ago, who built the great pyramids around the world and the stone cities and structures that are now buried or under water that we are now discovering.

Don't just tell me you "still believe in aliens."
Don’t just tell me you “still believe in aliens.”

If you believe otherwise — if you still believe there are extra-terrestrials visiting earth from other planets, I need to know the reason why.

If you tell me that you “still believe aliens are visiting Earth from other planets”, I need a reason why you think they come from other planets.

Don’t just tell me you “still believe in aliens.”



You may call them Aliens.  But they are definitely not extra-terrestrialthey are from our own planet Earth.


Giant Megaliths in Russia

If you still don’t believe, take a look at this video — watch to the end, then tell me if you don’t feel that Earth is part of something much bigger, of which we are merely an inkling in space and time:

Giant Megaliths Built by Ancient Civilizations¹

Cognitive Dissonance

I understand that even after all the logical and scientific explanation, there will remain some people who still believe in extra-terrestrials beings from other-worldly planets are visiting us unecessarily.

To those of you I say: you are entitled to believe in whatever you want.

Keep watching movies.  Read sci-fi novels.

But please, don’t call yourselves scientists.


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Author: Sunny Lal

Human Rights Activist Advocate of Truth Anarchist of the Earth