Another Dream With the Creator

Another dream with the Creator

I had another dream where I was with the Creator.

He showed me my name written in the stars. I didn’t feel worthy… and he was filling it in with more stars… and I said that the only name that mattered was His. Then I felt a kind of love flood my being — that I can’t even describe in words.

My best attempt to describe it is this:

It was magnificent, it was so powerful that I felt like I lacked absolutely nothing, it was unconditional and pure; it was overwhelming, it completely filled my being and it gave me the answer to every question I ever had — just from the feeling of unconditional love alone.. I felt so complete, that I never wanted it to end, ever.

That’s when I woke up. At that point I felt I had to power to do anything, yet was filled with absolute humility. No amount of hate in the universe could affect me. I cling to that feeling every waking moment.

Author: Sunny Lal

Human Rights Activist Advocate of Truth Anarchist of the Earth