During my sleep last night, during my entire sleep duration… I was with the Creator.
I was repeatedly shown one thing — and it the greatest thing of all, but I can’t put it into words because words can’t possibly describe what He “showed” me over a period of several hours:
The ultimate purpose of life, is for us to receive glory.
Glory is something that brings you down to your knees, in tears, in humility, in joy, in gratitude. It is something that can not be duplicated or replicated or faked, it is real; it is rare. There are many, many ways the universe prepares us to receive of glory, but there is one method that is the absolute, the ultimate:
It is forgiveness.
As in, when someone does you wrong, and hurts you; hurts you so very deeply, provoking such pain that can’t be fathomed by the human mind — and you just forgive that person.
As you face that person you are aware that at a point in space-time, where there is no time, all things are fully revealed — and you know that the one who caused you the pain, will become aware of the pain that was caused, feeling it in it’s fullness. Knowing this fact, it enables you to you forgive the person who hurt you, effortlessly, and completely.
"causing them to feel your power of forgiveness."
“causing them to feel your power of forgiveness.”

So you write off the debt, and you show your assaulter/pain causer his receipt: “Paid in full” on earth, here and now, causing them to feel your power of forgiveness.

And it breaks them down.
piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow“;
it deconstructs them from the inside out, obliterating any ego or pride or vanity, and they literally fall to their knees, in tears of gratitude, knowing he/she is unworthy — but in complete humility, accepts and then succumbs to your love.
Therein lies the sentiment:
“my cup runneth over.”
That power of love, I was shown, can penetrate the darkest of hell, the ugliest of hate, heal the most painful of pain, and open the eyes of the most blind of the blind.
The Redeemer is here, now.
The Redeemer is here, now.

At that point, the work of the cross made complete and absolute sense. There is absolutely no other way. Just love.

Then He showed me the word: “Redeemer” and the absolute unmatched power within it.
The Redeemer is here, now, and he carries in the palm of his hand all the power of Creation.

Author: Sunny Lal

Human Rights Activist Advocate of Truth Anarchist of the Earth