I had a dream where I went up to a room in a house and discovered how to connect to the universal consciousness, aka God.

I began to hum in a certain way, with my eyes closed, and instantly triggered an echo from the universe that resonated with my spirit. It was a vibrating tone, very deep — it was getting deeper and louder and more powerful each second.

As it resonated with me I could feel myself resonate deeper with it, and as it got deeper I was more enlightened to the creation of the universe.

Then I stopped because I needed to go find others to experience this with me. I left the room and went back downstairs looking for others… but I couldn’t find anyone. Eventually I made it back upstairs, after almost losing my path. I was able to find the room again only after deciding to give up looking for anyone else. I made it back there by myself, alone.

Author: Sunny Lal

Human Rights Activist Advocate of Truth Anarchist of the Earth